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Why Choose Olena Center for Health and Wellness?

Olena Center for Health and Wellness is a Functional Medicine Clinic with a comprehensive health approach. Our focus is to identify and understand the root cause of disease. We explore a patient’s medical history in depth and use advanced testing to uncover other underlying factors such as gut health, metabolism, hormones, environmental influences, and genetics. We seek to partner with our patients to create a personalized health plan and encourage positive health outcomes with the potential to reverse chronic diseases.

Conditions We Treat

Do you have any of these underlying conditions? Chances are you are not alone. Thankfully, Olena Center for Health and Wellness offers treatment.


Many people suffer from fatigue. It may manifest as a variety of symptoms, such as brain fog or the inability to muster the energy to do daily activities. However, each individual's fatigue has unique underlying causes, and we need to treat the root of the problem rather than chasing symptoms to regain this lost energy.

Gastrointestinal Problems

The trillion microbes that live in our gut play a critical role in many ways:

- Digest and release nutrients from our food

- Detoxify harmful chemicals we may ingest

- Maintain a healthy gut lining

- Produce chemicals that can affect our mood

Things like stress, illness, injury, unhealthy foods, and medications, such as antibiotics, can all disrupt the “good” bacteria that help us thrive. The good news is that we can identify these problems and help restore balance to our gut.


Sleep is not just a luxury – sleep is a critical component for body restoration. Sleep is essential to regulate blood pressure, blood sugar, the immune system, the nervous system, muscle repair, moods, hormones, and detoxification systems. Factors such as chronic stress, insulin resistance, sleep apnea, and hormone imbalances can all affect the quality and quantity of sleep obtained. Addressing these underlying causes is critical to getting high-quality sleep, which will further enhance our overall health.

Depression & Anxiety

Depression affects 21 million Americans, and nearly one-third of the US population will suffer from an anxiety disorder in their lifetime.   NIMH » Statistics (nih.gov). Depression and anxiety are one of the most common and misunderstood conditions we face. These are often inflammatory conditions and a manifestation of irregularities in the body that usually start far away from the brain. By finding and treating these irregularities, often depression and anxiety improve.

Female Hormone Imbalances

For many women, female hormone imbalance starts with stress and adrenal/HPA axis dysfunction. Under conditions of chronic stress, your body produces higher cortisol levels. In this process, your body decreases the production of your sex hormones, which can cause dysregulation of the delicate female hormone balance, causing heavy periods, mood swings, and worse menopausal symptoms. We address these underlying causes to restore balance.

Weight Gain

Weight gain is often the result of disrupted hormones, usually caused by stress and the disruption of the adrenal/HPA axis. Chronic stress results in high cortisol levels, increased fat storage, elevated insulin levels, and poor gut health. Poor gut health causes digestive issues, inflammation in the body, and changes to the microbiome, all of which can further make weight loss even harder.


Meet Our Team

Dr Eri Shimizu Portrait

Dr. Eri Shimizu

Board Certified Internist

I am board certified in Internal Medicine and soon will be certified through the Institutes of Functional Medicine. I earned a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Bioengineering from the University of Hawaii at Manoa and graduated summa cum laude from Creighton University Medical School.

My Story

Kathy Chang

Physical Therapy, Health Coach

Kathy’s interest in health and wellness began with her career as a licensed physical therapist. Her holistic approach to health coaching blends physical therapy with mental and lifestyle factors. She is passionate about facilitating journeys toward holistic health, well-being, and higher quality of life. Her coaching style is encouraging, warm, and focused on the client’s goals.

My Story

Tyler Kolb

Health Coach

Aloha! My name is Ty Kolb. I’m a National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach and Registered Behavior Technician. As a specialist in behavior change, I guide clients along their journey of self-directed, lifestyle changes through a supportive, non-judgemental, and motivational relationship between coach and client.

My Story

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Functional medicine is a science-based, individualized approach to health that goes beyond traditional medicine. It finds the root cause of illness by focusing on gut health, metabolism, hormones, environment, and genetics. A personalized diet, nutritional supplementation, and lifestyle plan is designed for your unique profile to achieve health. The Institute for Functional Medicine’s website (ifm.org) has detailed information regarding our practice model.

  • Both functional and holistic medicine focus on the total body. Functional medicine focuses on interactions between genetics, environment, and lifestyle that impact health. Holistic medicine has a spiritual approach to the body, mind, and soul.

  • Functional medicine can help with many health problems, such as fatigue, sleep problems, indigestion, weight gain, and hormonal imbalances. If you’re on multiple medications, want to get to the root of your symptoms, or want more natural ways to optimize your health, functional medicine can help you.

  • As a board-certified internist, I am experienced with chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, cardiac, inflammatory, gastrointestinal, and autoimmune diseases. I also treat fatigue, weight gain, hormone imbalances, and gut dysfunction, such as bloating and gas.

  • Absolutely! In addition to treating illness, functional medicine also emphasizes prevention for health maintenance.

  • No, I am not a primary care provider. I will work with you as a functional medicine consultant to address the cause of your chronic health problems and discuss them with your primary care provider if necessary.

  • Yes, when necessary.

  • Yes, when necessary.

  • I review the traditional labs obtained by your primary provider, such as cholesterol levels and blood counts. Depending on your health goals, I recommend further testing. Some examples are specialized metabolic tests, gut health, environmental toxins, or food sensitivity tests.

  • Functional medicine is considered complementary alternative medicine; not all insurance plans cover this service. You will pay at the time of your visit, and I will provide a superbill for you if you wish to submit the claim to your insurance or apply to your flexible spending accounts (FSA). We currently accept Medicare.

    Rates: - Initial visit (60 minutes): $300 - Second visit (45 minutes): $225 - Follow-up visits (30 minutes): $150 - Initial Visit Package (first three visits included): $600

  • Go to Olena Center’s online scheduler to schedule an initial appointment. (make this a click here) You will complete health questionnaires and upload available medical records before your appointment. During the first visit, you and I will discuss your health history, family history, diet, and lifestyle habits. I will review different approaches to your health and make some suggestions for change at this time. I may also recommend laboratory testing. The second visit is generally 1-2 months later. At this time, I will evaluate your progress and further personalize your care plan. I may recommend additional dietary changes, supplements, lifestyle changes, and possibly medications. The timing for additional follow-up visits will depend on your customized plan.

  • Just your desire to reach optimal health and openness for change.


Hear from our satisfied clients!

Marirose C.

Dr. Shimizu is amazing in taking care of her patients and anyone who becomes her patient is lucky to have her as their provider. She cares so much that she goes above and beyond in treating patients. I knew her as a physician in the hospital and I know how good she is and learning that she is practicing as outpatient… I didn’t hesitate to see her. As a provider myself I’m very picky with physicians for myself and my family members..I recommended her to my family members already because I know for sure they’ll be in good hands. I am grateful to what she has done to help me specially recently with so much stress and I needed direction with my treatment. It is difficult to be a patient yourself when you are a good provider but I am confident of having her as part of my treatment team.

Laurie F.

Dr. Shimizu’s kind and professional approach, and her enthusiasm for sharing the benefits of functional medicine truly helped me live a better healthier life. I am most grateful.

Kristy C.

Dr. Shimizu is the physician that everyone needs. I felt unheard and was brushed off by my general practitioner and I really wanted more testing. I left my previous appointment where my doctor spent 5 minutes with me, and went straight to Eri's office. She invested 90 minutes with me looking at all of the pieces to my unique puzzle. She listened carefully to my past and current ailments, then considered with great care the tests that should be taken. She explained in detail the reason for those tests and the reason for the treatment plan that she created. She follows up with me, calls me to explain any of my concerns and provides me with literature that actually relates to my personal health, not a flow chart. In the past 3 months we have detected and fixed my hormonal issues. I cannot thank her enough for all of her time, care and commitment to my health.

Bora Y.

Dr. Shimizu is your ideal physician! She is a wonderful functional medicine clinician who will spend the time to get to know you. She will not only focus on your disease pathology and lab results, but cohesively paint a picture of you as a whole being by carefully intaking your physical, emotional and psychological history. With visual aid from her very impressive powerpoint slide deck- (let's be honest, we are all visual learners post many zoom meetings), I was able to understand the pathophysiology of my condition and the rational of her recommended treatment plan. As a clinician myself, I am learning vital information I can apply in my daily practice. Her attention to detail and compassion she pours into her patient care earns my utmost accolades. I will continue my care with Dr. Shimizu and recommend her highly to any patients who are searching for functional medicine doctor.

Karen M.

I was looking for Vit B shots and left a message. While the woman explained they did not have the item, she went to a fair amount of trouble to give me 3-4 other possible vendors who might carry it. That took time. I couldn't appreciate her service more. And it looks like a great dispensary!



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